This issue of KIU Journal of Social Sciences focuses on Development Administration, Human Resource Management, Social Psychology, Communication Studies as well as Demography.

The first part of the Journal addresses issues in Development Administration such as Rural Development, Nation Building, Democratic Governance, Foreign Policy and so on. It is argued in one of the papers that before venturing on a national or global assignment, it is probably necessary to identify the cultural differences that may exist between one's home country and the country of business operation; where the differences exist, one must decide whether and to what extent the home-country practices may be adapted to the foreign environment, the paper therefore suggests the need for entrepreneurs and cultural migrants to learn their client’s culture, promote appreciation of cultural differences, be open to trying new things, exhibit hospitality and be accommodating, everywhere and every time.

Section two explores issues in Human Resource Management such as Pesonnel Recruitment, Motivation, Development and Training. Based on its findings, one of the papers finds out that many higher institutions have existing recruitment processes and practices which stimulate quality manpower but poor human resource planning, inexperienced employers, inadequate information on vacancy, inadequate job content among many others are the challenges encountered during the recruitment practice. The study therefore, concludes that recruitment process still has a long way to go especially in the academic setting and it is recommended that further studies should be carried out on probable solutions to arrest the challenges associated with it.

The third section explores the impact on certain educational practices such as Overloaded Curriculum Content, Test taking, the Use of Social Media and Instructional Materials on teaching and learning. In a survey carried out in one of the research papers in this section, most of the respondents strongly agreed that overloaded curriculum content is one of the major factors responsible for students' underachievement in basic science and technology. It is therefore suggested that the curriculum content should be reduced to manageable size that teachers can treat within a given school academic calendar.

In the Section on Communication Studies, one of the papers examines cases of female sex trafficking in Nigeria. It posits that female sex trafficking is a form of modern slavery that strips victims of their fundamental human rights in a manner that is considered inhumane. This is because, according to the paper, victims are subject to various levels of abuse such as sexual violence and which often affect their psychological wellbeing. Victims of female sex trafficking are either abducted or deceived into subscribing for a travel opportunity abroad in search of a better life.  The paper therefore, recognizes the media as a channel through which social issues such as human trafficking is addressed in society and film have become a major platform for mirroring the nature of the occurrence of these issues presented for education and advocacy through entertainment.  The Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) have produced several films on trafficking and the paper seeks to critically analyze the use of language, tone, and the treatment of salient issues presented in the movie Òlòturé which focuses on female sex trafficking among sex workers otherwise called prostitutes in order to present a novelty in the portrayal of the subject matter through film

Papers in the last section are on Agronomy and Demographic Studies. Using Socio-Demographic Determinants of Malnutrition among under five Children in Mubi South Local Government Area in Adamawa State Nigeria as Case Studies, one of the papers in these sections reveals that mothers age, mothers’ education, the type of toilet used, household size, and antenatal (ANC), were not significant and as such does not make any impact as a determining factor of child malnutrition. It therefore recommends, among others, that mothers should adhere to the old practice of exclusive breast feeding.

In all, this issue of KIU Journal of Social Sciences features many educative and interesting research papers which are very useful to all and sundry.

Published: 2021-07-26

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