Utilization of Artificial Intelligence in Journalism in Nigeria

  • Nnamdi Chinedu Nwanyanwu Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic Rumuola, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • Mercy Nwanyanwu Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic, Rivers State, Nigeria


Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing present day journalism. Automated news writing and distribution, without human supervision, is already a reality. Infact, AI has changed the way journalists interact with the world outside the newsroom. It enables journalists to analyze data from multiple sources.  In sum, we can say that artificial intelligence will help journalists to survive and overcome the core problems faced by contemporary journalism. This article explored how artificial intelligence is impacting newsrooms and how it can be better adapted to the field of journalism. The study reveals that AI is already automating the newsroom, AI is augmenting journalists, AI is creating new forms of investigative reporting, AI is helping to verify and fact-check, AI is creating a personalized user experience, AI is creating ethical implications. However, the study reveals journalists in Nigeria are yet to embrace AI. Many challenges affacting the adoption of AI in Nwesrooms in Nigeria include lack of electricity to effectively power the AI applications; lack of adequate infrastructure; lack of finance to purchase and maintain these equipments. cost of Internet connection and  the  training  of AI handlers  among others. Although there are challenges facing journalists in the use of AI, these include that it undermines creativity, there is the absence of monitoring, there could be bias, and there could be lack of transparency, fact-checking and fairness among others. However, it is imparative journalists especially in the developing contries like Nigeria, adjust and enbrace these changes occasioned by Artificial intelligence. The study reveals artificial intelligence does not pose a serious threat to professional journalism. In other words, artificial intelligence technologies have added and still adding value to journalism in the digital age.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, journalism, newsroom, challenges

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