CALL FOR PAPERS (KIU Journal of Humanities, Vol. 7 No. 3, September 2022)


KIU Journal of Humanities (ISSN: 2415-0843), an interdisciplinary quarterly journal published by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences of Kampala International University, invites scholarly contributions to its next edition due to be published in September, 2022.

The central focus of KIU Journal of Humanities is to provide a platform for the presentation, review and publication of research results and scholarly papers in the Humanities with a view to finding a common platform for addressing contemporary challenges in a fast changing world.


Authors of well researched articles are to submit soft copies of their papers to:


KIU Journal of Humanities,

 College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Kampala International University,

P.O. Box 20000, Kampala, Uganda.


All articles submitted to the Journal must be original and should in no way violate any existing copyright and publication ethics relating to libel and others.

The deadline for submission is 15th August, 2022.

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Current Issue

Vol 7 No 1 (2022): KIU Journal of Humanities, Vol. 7 No. 1, March 2022

This issue of KIU Journal of Humanities touches on Development Administration, Educational Psychology, Social Psychology as well as Peace and Conflict Studies.

The first part of the Journal addresses issues in Development Administration such as Fiscal Federalism, Preventive Health Care System, Deregulation of Educational Services and so on. One of the papers in this section argues that concludes that the issues and fundamentals of federalism in both constitutional and political theories should be approached from the developmental perspective and through this, it is hoped, federalism will restore its vitality where it has been battered and its direction where the focus appears uncertain, unclear and muddled-up.

Section two explores issues in Educational Psychology such as Teachers’ Motivation, Learners’ Attitudes and Pragmatism. Examining the counselling for teachers’ motivation on academic performance of secondary school students in Abeokuta South Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria, one of the papers in this section reveals a significant relationship between teachers’ motivation and students’ academic performance. It also shows a significant relationship between strategies used to motivate teachers and students’ academic performance. Finally, the paper  reveals a significant relationship between condition of service of teachers and academic performance and finally recommends that Government should ensure regular payment of teachers’ salaries and prompt promotion as at when due.

In the Section on Social Psychology, one of the papers argues that the perception of job seekers will significantly affect the use of social network strategy amongst other advantages or outcomes. The study therefore, recommends the creating of awareness on the usefulness of social network in job search in a bid to reduce the negative perception of the populace on its effectiveness as a viable option for job search in Nigeria.

Papers in the last section are on Peace and Conflict Studies. It is postulated in one of the papers that concludes that there is no moral justification for terrorism, it is unethical because it is evil, it is a serious, heinous and nefarious crime, hence, we should all rise up for its utter condemnation. Another paper in this section also examines some war techniques that were demonstrated by the Boko Haram militants have beensubstantiated which were entirely new to the knowledge of the Nigerian military. The research paper at the end discusses way out to handle such problems in future by suggesting the total review of the military institution in terms of training, operation, discipline, professionalism, improvement in intelligence gathering and possession of modern warfare technology.

On the whole, this issue of KIU Journal of Humanities features many empirical and theoretical based articles which can be of great benefit to every reader.

Published: 2022-04-07


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