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Vol 8 No 1 (2023): KIU Journal of Humanities, Vol. 8 No. 1, March 2023

This issue of KIU Journal of Humanities touches on Literary Studies, Creative Arts, Religious Studies and Social Philosophy.

The first part of the Journal focues on Language and Literary Studies. One of the papers in this section reveals that Traditional and Alternative Medicine (TAM) providers employ various pragmatic strategies to project themselves and their services to their audience on Facebook. Specifically, this study identifies that legitimisation, cultural contextuality and identity construction are strategies engaged by these TAM providers to project knowledge, give credence, and dissuade scepticism surrounding traditional and alternative medicine in Nigeria.

Papers in section two explore issues in Creative Arts. It is postulated in one of the papers that apart from the fact that music is an ubiquitous phenomenon which covers every aspect of lives of the African people, popular music, being an integral part of popular culture of a society, has been used as an impactful medium through which women’s subjugation in different West African societies have been subverted to an extent. This is because of its high rate of patronage and ability to reach larger number of audience through the mass media. The paper therefore recommends that government through the Federal Ministry for Women’s Affairs and other corporate organizations for women’s liberation should partner with popular musicians in creating awareness and promoting the campaign against women’s subrogation the West African society.

One of the papers, in the third section is on Religious Studies, demonstrates that Paul’s purposes in writing to the Philippians was to console and commend them and these consolation and commendation purposes are crucial to a proper understanding of the meaning and structure of the letter in relations to giving. It shows that tithing is a legalistic, Old Testament standard, it should be retained as the biblical foundational and traditional basis for giving. The study shows that outside its spiritual rewards, giving generously enhances human mental health and longevity through the reduction of blood pressure and stress.

In the last section which centres on Social Psychology, one of the papers reveals that there were innovative socio-cultural behaviours such as the drinking of herbal drinks to boost immunity, and the use of local made face mask from local fabrics. The study concludes that some socio-cultural behaviours of the people in rural communities tends to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and that such ingenious innovative actions of the rural communities in times of pandemic should be encouraged and integrated into the national health system

In all, this issue of KIU Journal of Humanities features many empirical and theoretical based articles which can be of great benefit to every reader.

Published: 2023-04-16


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